Born in Biscaya

Sun. The waves. The beach and you. The ultimate relaxing mode. Just enjoying the day. Until you check your mobile. Until your battery is running out of juice :/

That was the setting in 2016, during some weekend, facing the Biscaya: I sensed there should be a better way to keep our devices up and running. Inspired by the sun I started researching regards portable solar solutions. Surprisingly, I found an emerging technology that is getting affordable for broader use. However, all the offered products lacked style and attractive design – they pretty much looked like designed by (and for) geeks. Trained as a designer, I immediately felt the ambition to make a different try that combines function & fashion: My vision was born to create an aesthetic and technological pleasant device.

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The first prototypes were anything but near to that. I had to explore different suppliers, materials, fix performance issues and get a prototype at an competitive price. More than 10 busy months later I was ready to present my first, finalized prototype – the LUZPAC.

For almost one year, I received strong support and many helping hands. Together, we have built many prototypes, to test, learn, improve and optimize our product and get our manufacturers ready for a first production. We visited our factory, our shipping partners and consulted experts who know every detail in the solar and fashion tech world. 

Our ambition is to build a great and stylish products not only for geeks, but a much larger audience – we believe solar is our future, a sustainable lifestyle for everyone.