Kickstarter Shipped Worldwide

Dear followers and LUZPAC backers,

just a quick update on our Kickstarter campaign – by now, all bags have been shipped or at least in the process of fulfillment. It was an adventourous, sometimes challenging but also very rewarding experience.

Thanks again for all your support, and happy to share this comment that reached us this week from one of our faithful backers:

'Thanks Chris, I actually received my bags on Friday. Thank you very much, i can imagine it has been quite stressful. So just wanted to congratulate you, also wanted to let you know you had the quickest turnaround I have experienced with all the projects i have backed. Well Done :-)'

We were blushing! Looking forward to enjoy the LUZPAC and your festive season.

And, for all who missed the campaign, but in need for a cool present?

Here is our special winter promo:


Just type in the code when doing the checkout at our New LUZPAC Shop at