Solar goes Mobile

Plug into the SUN!

SMARTPHONES are our best friends, but charging them sucks. They usually run out of juice during our most joyful moments – summer breaks, festival days or outdoor activities.

LUZPAC, our solar-beach-pool-rooftop-bag, stops that pain and converts your sunny moments into electricity!

  • Solar bag to charge your phone, power bank or mobile gadget
  • Detachable, flexible high-performance solar panel
  • Special buckle to attach the panel to every 3rd-party backpack
  • Lightweight and splash water-resistant design

On the back of the panel you will find an USB-port plus an extra pocket for all your devices. And if you want to use the charger on your backpack or bicycle? No problem, our patented buckle easily links the panel to every fixed handle out there.

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FIVE colors available

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